Didn't receive September 13th send tokens

Hi… I send my tokens to migration wallet on September 13th. Since then I have been waiting to receive tokens. But I haven’t received them. Later contacted all moods and admins, send mails to [email protected] and [email protected]
There was no reply.

Since then, I have been contacting all admins and after January, most of the admins have gone. Can’t find them.
When n0ps posted list of migrators, I have been in that list. But didn’t receive anything.
Can someone help me with this?

Hash: 0x1bd451f10c0bf1a4acbceaafa73e5ddbb2b060a9019e5a27ec32e96edf8fc719
Wallet id: 0x7B2201e0267A1be76645A9178C14C404C06a666c

I can’t upload more screenshots.
Would be appreciated if any admin responded.

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Sent tokens to first migration wallet on September 13th.

What’s your Twitter handle