Goat Report - Day 4

Here we are for day 4 of the new goat report.

For those who are new here, the goat report is an evaluation of the holder numbers done using the BSCScan holder export. I look at the changes and give an overview of what the numbers are saying. Sometimes the data is amazing and sometimes the data is hard to read but the point of this report is to help holders understand what they are seeing with the charts/pricing.

I have changed the names of holders since we reduced the total number of tokens with V2. Below is a breakout of the new names.


Today we saw a continuation in the roller coaster sells/buys.

On a personal note, to the person who used the bots to day trade 4 times a minute for 3 hours, thank you for all the reflections.

With that jab out of the way, I would suggest that if you are not familiar with the tokenomics that you please go to AquaGoat Finance and do some research.

On a report related note you will see the Boer Goat number when down by 6. That is not 6 Boer Goats sold off, it is I found 6 more exchange hot wallets that were moved to the exchange count. Currently exchanges hold 19.71% of all tokens. That is ~197.132T tokens. The important thing about this number is as of right now most of the holders have their bags in individual wallets. Individual wallet holders are typically long term holders of crypto so looks like we have a lot of diamond hands making up this herd.

Now for what everyone really wants, the numbers.