Goat Report - Day 5

Here we are for day 5 of the new goat report.

For those who are new here, the goat report is an evaluation of the holder numbers done using the BSCScan holder export. I look at the changes and give an overview of what the numbers are saying. Sometimes the data is amazing and sometimes the data is hard to read but the point of this report is to help holders understand what they are seeing with the charts/pricing.

I have changed the names of holders since we reduced the total number of tokens with V2. Below is a breakout of the new names.


Today we saw a slight climb in the charts. Seems we are still seeing people selling off their bags as the total confidence in the crypto market seems to be sagging but we normally see the crypto markets dip in December anyways. I personally expect us to start climbing again in March/April time frame as people start investing tax returns in the US (typical to see in the crypto markets). We should also see minor gains in January/February time frame as, so this is a great time to increase your holdings for discounted prices.

Positive note is we are seeing almost all levels of goats increasing their wallets, showing we have a strong diamond handed core of holders. This will play well with growth in 2022 as a strong core holder group can increase the confidence of new holders.

Now for what everyone really wants, the numbers.

Remember you can buy the dip to offset your cost average is better than taking a lost but never invest more than you can afford to lose and HODL as you never know when we will moon again. DYOR.