Goat Report - Day 6

Here we are for day 6 of the new goat report.

For those who are new here, the goat report is an evaluation of the holder numbers done using the BSCScan holder export. I look at the changes and give an overview of what the numbers are saying. Sometimes the data is amazing and sometimes the data is hard to read but the point of this report is to help holders understand what they are seeing with the charts/pricing.

I have changed the names of holders since we reduced the total number of tokens with V2. Below is a breakout of the new names.


Today we saw a panic sale. We had 1 Mountain Goat cash out a bag of ~100B tokens which caused a lot of Billy and Kinder Goats to sell off their bags which in turn caused 2 more mountain goats to cash out and a few Boer Goats to sell off portions of their bags. I expect we will continue to see this pattern through the rest of the year, especially if the crypto markets keep bouncing around like a sing along ball.

Positive note is we are seeing holders buying more and more AquaGoat, we even added a Boer Goat on a single transaction, so individuals are willing to invest large amounts of money in us as a value buy during this dip which helps keep the market cap high. This will help during the next bull run as we show as a good investment during the bear times. We also seeing the exchanges increasing their holdings. This will work out great for us come next year.

Now for what everyone really wants, the numbers.