I missed the migration period, now what?

hello guys help me please :pray:t2: I didn’t do the MIGRATION at the right time, now does that mean I lost my investments? will I have to file the action and the lawyer will be?

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Hello. The same situation here. Did you get any help? This is really ridiculous that aqua goat did not validate the tokens automatically.

In the same boat, missed the migration. Learned a 500$ lesson today. Was in a telegram chat with what appeared to be AquaGoat Support. They sent me to apikucoin.connect to swap my tokens. Went there, tried to validate and connect my trust wallet, not thinking it could be a scam I committed the ultimate sin and put in my phrase, five minutes later 500$ in BNB was transferred from my wallet. The supposed support wanted me to send him my phrase saying he was going to see what happened and try and recover my coins. Wish I had not been so impulsive and found the pancake swap method sooner.