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Why should you support Aquagoat with your hard earned money?
What makes us different from all the ‘Pump and dump’ tokens you see on the blockchain?
What is our actual real life utility?

You’re in the right place. Learn all about our token and our cause here before supporting us.

Aquagoat is a next generation DEFI (Decentralised Finance) token with one purpose, saving our oceans. We continually work towards that goal with our amazing community as our foundation stone and with transparency at the core of our values.

A Portion of every transaction is sent to the AquaGoat “Ocean Blue Fund”, which is used to fund ocean clean up and marine conservation initiatives

We envision Aquagoat being the leading environment and ocean conservation token. We are less than a year old and growing fast, but we are just getting started in our potential and the team is fully committed to the growth of the token.

Unlike any given ‘pump and dump’ token, we have proven real life utility, here’s what we have actually achieved in the short time since our launch.

  • A partnership with FOSTER (Friends of Sea Turtle Education & Research) and WWF Malaysia Board Member Alexander Yee, the first person to complete a land transaction using Bitcoin in Malaysia

  • Construction of the AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery on Libaran Island at Walai Penyu Conservation Park, voted “Best Tourism Product” of Sabah Tourism Award 2019 and ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Standard [Rural Category] 2022 & 2023

  • Daily beach cleaning funded fully in AquaGoat Tokens for a whole year, stimulating the local economy of Libaran Island

  • Adoption of 10 coral reef seedlings with Coral Vita

  • Adoption of 2 dolphins with Ocean Conservation Society

  • Adoption of a Marine-Protected Environment in the Philippines as the pioneer partner of the MPA program for The Haribon Foundation

  • Donation to the Parley emergency fund towards the Sri Lankan oil spill

  • 10 community-led donations, totaling over $45,000, to reputable ocean-based organizations including the Ocean Clean Up, Sea Shepherd, and Blue Marine Foundation

  • Slam Token partnership with 50% of bankroll regularly donated to charity

  • Partnerships with charities that now use AquaGoat as a funding strategy

  • World Ocean Day world-wide clean-up campaign and partnership with the official WOD organization

  • Signed the #Protect30x30 American Nature Campaign commitment to protect 30% of America’s lands and ocean by 2030

  • Launch of the AquaGoat Merchandise Store

…and we are just getting started……In the future we want to open up a standalone ocean conservation programme. Yes, we have big plans……

What is the potential of Aquagoat as a token?

From a charity perspective, we see this token as a vehicle for change through reaching a new audience. People who care about the environment are already out there, the value of our token is being able to maximise the organisations that can pay attention to environmental causes, opening up to a new market.

Charity is our cornerstone. Our partnerships are not just single donations, we are building ongoing partnerships so charities can continue to get reflections from us…They are very grateful for us at the moment as most of their donations dried up due to COVID. So we are in the right place at the right time for them. We are pioneering this space. We’re developing an AG ecosystem that will benefit the planet and our holders.

Who is the CEO of Aquagoat?
The whole community is the CEO! - Aquagoat is fully community led, we listen and hear your concerns and ideas and act as a team on them, they are a dedicated team.

This is a token and team with a purpose, all the team are investors and volunteered themselves to work on the project. They all work together and welcome help - They are not paid, they are all donating time and effort - they just want to make a difference
So, now you know a little bit more….Come and be part of our movement.