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Looking to understand about our token holders and day to day BSC chain movement, no problem, we got you covered here

Here we are for day 14 & 15 of the new goat report.

For those who are new here, the goat report is an evaluation of the holder numbers done using the BSCScan holder export. I look at the changes and give an overview of what the numbers are saying. Sometimes the data is amazing and sometimes the data is hard to read but the point of this report is to help holders understand what they are seeing with the charts/pricing.

I have changed the names of holders since we reduced the total number of tokens with V2. Below is a breakout of the new names.

r/AquaGoatFinance - Goat Report - Day 14 & 15

Today’s report is a combination of 2 days of trading. We had 2 low volume days in a row with most of the trading happening on the exchanges. We should expect it to continue this trend through the remainder of the year. This is also a great opportunity to increase your holdings before we start to see the 2022 run up. Now for common since purpose let me explain, no one can guarantee making a profit in crypto but from personal experience (insert sad bitcoin sorry here), it’s better to invest what you can afford to lose and lose it than miss the rocket that could change your life.

Side note, expect the road map to explain why our project team has been so quite for the last month. Some of the things you will see should excite you and if we, as a community, shill what’s coming up with project expect major things from the charts. Remember we are only as successful as our roadmap, our deliverables to the project and our hype about the project. The project team has the roadmap and our deliverables lined up; the hype needs to be from the HODLer otherwise it’s just seen as a sells pitch. Remember we have the upcoming Miss Earth USA pageant that will provide a lot of advertising to new potential holders, and we have the new website/road map dropping and there are things in the road map that if we can get hype about will make this the next major token. Let just say if you follow all the AMAs and all of slipped out comments you should know how major the next year will be for us.

Now for what everyone really wants, the numbers.

r/AquaGoatFinance - Goat Report - Day 14 & 15

Remember you can buy the dip to offset your cost average is better than taking a lost but never invest more than you can afford to lose and HODL as you never know when we will moon again and DYOR.