AquaGoat Donations

Total Amount Name of Organization
$2,039.77 The Ocean Clean-up
$4,330 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
$7,200 Blue Marine Foundation
$1,000 Parley (Sri Lankan Oil Spill Emergency Relief Fund)
$16,000 Haribon Foundation
$2,650 FOSTER (Friends OF Sea Turtles Education & Research)
$1,000 Coral Vita
$210.10 Ocean Conservation Society
$7,260.00 Collaborative Fundraising Campaign with Mrs. California Earth 2021 Vivienne Frederiksen-Santos
$20,000 Beauties for a Cause (B4AC) / Miss Earth USA
$10,206 #TeamSeas (Mr. Beast campaign)
(STILL PENDING - waiting for their response) Pandu Laut Nusantara