I did not receive any tokens in return until now

Hi there,
I’ve sent a quite large amount of v1 tokens to the official address but never received anything in return.
In the meantime I’ve learned, that I was a little bit to late, but on the regarding site, there was nothing mentioned that the migration ist already over.

Could some official please contact me to get my tokens migrated or at least back?

Thank you very much in advance

Hello Goater

Unfortunately for those who send after the deadlines will not receive back their tokens.

What site did you use to find this information? Pro ide the link. In the future I recommend you only trust and follow instructions given by our official posts.

The link is in my text…

“The deposits for tokens will cut off at Friday 8pm EST/Saturday 12am UTC. Any tokens sent to the marketing wallet afterwards will not be supported as part of the token programme.”

Is there any official to contact?

Everywhere I ask for help I get several criminal responses and that’s a mayor bummer :frowning:

We are the “official” contacts. We are sorry, We posted up-to-date information about the migration process. Some users chose to ignore those posts and send their tokens any way, unfortunately we do not keep the v1 tokens and if you sent them in after the migration, i am sorry to inform you that they are lost.